Jacksons Grove United Methodist Church was founded by Thomas Jackson and members of his family.  During the Revolutionary War, Thomas Jackson was a Captain in the North Carolina militia.

Little is known of the original meetinghouse, which is believed to have been a log structure.  Either it or its replacement served this community until the present building was constructed and dedicated on September 23, 1875 according to The Carolina Spartan.  Homecoming is still scheduled the third Sunday in September each year.  This affords current, as well as former members an opportunity to share fellowship and dinner on the grounds.

Allow your mind to wander to a different era as you reflect upon this historic setting.  We point out to you that this church was built by local craftsmen.  These artisans carefully selected local superb lumber that has withstood the test of time.  Everything in this church was built by hand.  Look around and you can observe signs of hand-hewn boards and timbers.  Of particular interest is the chancel area.  The altar table, altar rails and pulpit were crafted from walnut.  Look at the windows and you can still observe bubbles in the original windowpanes.

The pews are made of selected wide pine boards.  Marks of the planer’s axe are readily visible on the pews.  The rods in each corner in back of the sanctuary once held curtains that surrounded tiny Sunday School rooms for children and youth, while the sanctuary was reserved for the adult class.

Those of us who currently worship at Jacksons Grove feel privileged to have such a quaint, yet dignified place to worship.  We are committed to keeping this historical church as authentic as possible.  Beginning in 1994, major efforts were undertaken to preserve and repair this church without distracting from the 19th century building.  The only major modern fixtures are propane heaters, electric lights with fans and an electric organ.  In 1997, a storage building was constructed with attention to detail to ensure architectural compatibility with the church.  The same care was taken in 2001 when the present restroom facility was constructed as a replacement for the “little too authentic” outhouse.

The adjoining cemetery is a resting place for “the great cloud of witnesses who have gone before” –many of whom worshipped at Jacksons Grove.  Some of their descendants are currently members and worship here.  If time allows, walk through the cemetery and maybe you will catch a glimpse of the history of this community.

Your fellow worshipers are connected to a community of faith that now bridges into the 21st century.  It is our hope that this church will remain a simple place of quiet dignity and beauty where people may worship God in spirit and truth for generations to come.

We are delighted that your path has led you to this place.  We would like nothing more than for you to share in the journey as a part of this community.